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I'm Ali, student doctor and English Tutor for 4+ years. After scoring 99.75 in 2020, I've had the pleasure of helping students elevate their essay writing - and their scores (cough cough Raw 40s and 50s). Unfortunately...

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Sunset Boulevard - A top scorer's guide

Aerobics is a great way to burn calories and reach your fitness goals. Dance and cardio are the perfect aerobic pairing. Incorporate the two and keep yourself motivated like never before. 

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Oedipus The King - A top scorer's guide

Core strength is at the center of every move your body makes.  Put in the work to build those muscles and you’ll be sure to notice a boost to your mobility and stamina throughout the day.

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We have always lived in the castle - A Top-scorer's guide

The best part about learning new dance moves is gaining the confidence to show them off. Learn dance routines you can't wait to share while burning calories and building lean muscle.

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What can you expect from an Analysis Academy Program?

Perfect Analysis. Perfect Writing. Perfect Score. Here's our secret recipe:

We breakdown your text inside out

From the characters, themes, sociopolitical context and structural techniques, everything is analysed to develop unparalleled analysis

Analysis is transformed into essay ready sentences

We’ll give you the exact sentence structures, vocabulary and argument ideas that'll allow you to top the state

Be ready for any prompt

Any prompt you receive - from obvious to outright weird, we'll teach you how to adapt the analysis so your ready for whatever comes up in the exam

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  • 3 hour course on all aspects of Section A 
  • Annotated Perfect scoring essays
  • Get an essay of yours marked with detailed feedback
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Valued at nearly $400, we've made taken all our insights on what makes a great essay and distilled it into a crash-course that will take your writing from zero to hero.

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- Write a perfect scoring introduction

- Write a perfect scoring body paragraph

- Figure out the exact method we use to develop unique top scoring analysis

- Learn how to breakdown any prompt you see and respond in ways that'll wow your examiners


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